Nick LaBenske

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Nick LaBenske Buyers Agent


Nick LaBenske is a growing force in the Real Estate world. While he is still cutting his teeth as an active full time buyers agent he has already been a part of over $2mm in completed transactions and is projected to exceed $5mm by the end of his first year with RE/MAX Professionals, The DiBiase Team. Nick transitioned into the  role of a buyers agent after 4 years in the  multihousing property management industry. He has grown up surrounded by real estate with his step mother Patty LaBenske, a well seasoned agent, getting into the profession while he was still in grade school. He was always held an interest in the profession and aspired to be a Realtor. Nick prides himself in his ability to negotiate for his buyers to ensure they are getting the best price for the best home. Nick also tries to make the process as easy to understand as possible, holding his clients hand through the entire home buying process from beginning  to end, stopping to answer any questions they may have along the way. Reliable and driven, he is a great choice to have backing your corner in the purchase of your new home!

“​I grew up surrounded by people who loved and worked in the Real Estate profession, so I guess it was inevitable that I too would fall in love with it and grow into the business.” – Nick LaBenske, Realtor